So, You’re Working Remotely, Eh?

Tips for Making Working from Home Work

I don’t usually wear boots when I work from home. But I’m not saying you can’t.

1 — Keep a usual morning routine and get ready for work.

Burnout causes work to suffer. Burnout causes life to suffer.

If I had to work on a chart like this, I’d probably find another job. But, this pic isn’t about that; it’s about creating a dedicated space for your work.

2 — Dedicate office space (or work space) and do your damndest to keep it dedicated.

Alarm clocks are evil. But this is just to illustrate: stick with a schedule.

3 — Got to stick to a schedule — but you’re human.

“I had no idea you’re not in the building — now you’re telling me you’re not even in the same state?”

I can’t imagine having lacy curtains and a furry rug, but finding a good “chat” photo for free was hard so — voila!

4 — Be a communication whore.

5 — Turn your computer off/put away your tools.

Make your work worthy of your time.

6 — Check in to keep improving.

Because any desk is incomplete without confetti and a pink gel pen. Photo by Miesha Moriniere from Pexels

7 — Lastly, but not least-ly: do the work you believe in or find motivation to make your work worthy of your time.

writer looking for a home for my words — a place to stretch my typing skills, hone my use of the thesaurus, & learn from the community.

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