james, i was hoping you’d read this. i was so frustrated at work today i had to get it out.

i’m absolutely at a loss as to why there’s such a strange lack of enthusiasm about u=u AND PrEP. with u=u, I initially thought it was the phrasing — maybe it just didn’t make sense, but the community- HIV community, at least, gets it. and, like you said, there’s an indifference, even hostility.

when i started working on the u=u project, even the coalition was hostile — it reminded me of the weird tensions within the lgbt communities from back in the day. it has been a very rough experience.

aside from my whining here, i’m just astounded by where we were and where we are now. it’s been such a short period of time, in perspective, AND SO MUCH PAIN in that time, but i see the cure coming and it delights me. and maybe that’s the hostility? maybe it’s a case of too little too late? or a scenario of: where am i in all this? is my experience meaningless?

i really appreciate you, james. and love your work:)

writer looking for a home for my words — a place to stretch my typing skills, hone my use of the thesaurus, & learn from the community.

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