Hi Rodney! Thank you for your response!

I started a long response to you that simply wasn’t getting to the real point. There’s so much to say — and, ultimately, you’ve said it.

I do want to say, and I’m sure you feel this: I’m sorry our society sucks and the collective ‘we’ aren’t yet able to make racism end. I don’t know how a culture founded on hate could make it end by simply changing ‘laws’ and ‘redrawing school lines’ —I don’t think we made a concerted effort to truly create a society where freedom could truly exist. And I want to believe it can happen. But I’m not sure I believe in ‘humanity’ to come together and make it so.

….perhaps there is hope?

Thank you for your insights. I’m sorry for your experiences. But I find knowing them extremely important and really appreciate you taking the time to share them.

writer looking for a home for my words — a place to stretch my typing skills, hone my use of the thesaurus, & learn from the community.

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