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Skin like white typing paper. Blue veins shouting from a thin layer of translucent flesh, pulsing from aqua to purple. Eyes as ambivalent as the sky on a hazy, sunny day.

From the moment of her birth, she wore layer upon layer of cotton. At first, her parents simply wrapped…

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The tree had been struck by lightning several times a year for decades.

Or, so that’s what everyone in the town said.

Limbs gnarled and roots craggy, weaving into and around each other, rocks and animal bones swallowed into its timber, it had the presence of a great fighter, confident…

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Meth was the best thing to happen to homemade hemorrhoid cream since hemorrhoids were invented, Aunt T’d proclaim time and again as she crushed tiny, red pills with her pestle. Meth and Kim K.

Before meth, that real pseudo-ephedrine was easy to come by. But no one could get the…

Image by edtribo from Pixabay

The balls spun, twirled, whirled, and drifted down to land, a yellow one in a gull’s mouth, the others resting on the bottom. Inez pushed the fat, white button again, bubbles gurgled upward into the water, sending the balls pirouetting haphazardly toward the gulls.

“Inez!” Sandra yelled. “Enough, already! It’s…

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“Psychopaths have it easy,” she said.

Steve spit out his coffee in a snort, “What the hell do you mean? How is being a psychopath an ‘easy’ thing?”

“They don’t feel guilt,” she snarked, emphatically shoveling a bite of pie into her mouth. “I’m thinking about becoming one.”

Blueberries dancing…

A. Gabriel

writer looking for a home for my words — a place to stretch my typing skills, hone my use of the thesaurus, & learn from the community.

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